Wednesday, 20 May 2015

BASIN Lavender Shea Scrub

My husband and I just got back from Las Vegas & i'm so glad to share one of my favourite purchase i did! It's none other than Basin’s Lavender Shea Salt Scrub. We stopped by the Basin store in the Venetian and I had a lot of fun testing all of the products. The blend of shea and salt in the scrub helps to keep your skin moisturized and exfoliated. It’s super easy to scoop out with your fingers for application. I absolutely love the Lavender scent, it’s a delightful aromatic scent and isn’t too perfumy. I wish the scent would stick around longer, it’s that good!

Honestly people, I would have loved to buy more of these lovely Jars that is so reasonably priced (USD $30) but I was kinda worried about excess baggage given the amount of crazy shopping I've been doing! But hey! The salesgirl told me that one Jar is enough to last me 8-12 months depending on how much I use but that's all I needed to hear for now until I stock up with online purchases in future ;) 

So I just landed this morning at 4am and felt extremely sticky and dirty after not having a shower for a whole day with my 18hour flight situation so I got back and jumped into the shower of course! I needed to feel 'extra clean' so I needed more than a regular bath foam/gel so I excitedly took out my lavender jar to try on during shower and good lord did I feel extremely rejuvenated and refreshed! The scrub didn't just exfoliate my skin.. It probably removed all the dead cells and left my skin feeling like a baby!

I've tried scrubs from Bodyshop, Lush etc and this beats them hands down! This photo has NO editing or filter done to it. And it's an after picture once the product was used. I didn't take a before picture because I'm embarrassed to post how dry and scaly my skin looked.. But yeah! Go on and use your imagination :P

Well I no longer have that issue now that I have the best scrub I've ever came across. I used it all over my body and my face too & my husband can't stop feeling my skin! WIN :)

I'm not sure if this is available in Singapore but you can always buy it online :
There's tonnes of other bath and body products they sell as well so do check them out! ❤️

                                                Xoxo, Mila