Friday, 24 May 2013

Stop Reactive skin by being Proactive!

THIS IS MY FIRST POST WHICH IS MEANT FOR BOTH MALES & FEMALES. Sorry for taking sometime to post this despite having few requests since last and till recently as well, i was busy and i really wanted to take my time to write this because i know how important having good skin is and i didn't wanna write stuffs in a rush but really take my time to do it so others could benefit like how i did. 

So have you ever woke up one day with breakouts all over your face and freaked out? How about just one or two breakouts and still freaked out? Yes? Well guess what? I've been through it as well ! I was born with great skin like everyone else.. but perhaps puberty caused the changes to my skin and of course, constantly being exposed to the sun and the weather in our wonderful country undeniably played a part too.

I was extremely embarrassed to go out without makeup as i had acne and scars all over my face couple of years back. I've actually went through depression because of that as looking at people with great skin would just make me even more miserable. Then it struck me. Instead of using concealers and foundations to cover up them acne & scars, why don't i invest on a good skin care product? So i started trying all sorts of skin care products but nothing seemed to actually make a great difference. I'm basically an extremely impatient person and i expect fast (not immediate) results on anything i try on so like i said, none of the products showed much difference even after using them for up to 3mths, one brand at a time of course.

And then one day, i literally walked past Magic. 2years ago when i was shopping in a Mall in Perth, they had this Proactiv counter which i walked past and was handed out this pamphlet and i was attracted to it but i had my doubts since i had countless failures with other products. But i was totally sold by the sales girl and decided to get the 3 step package first as shown below 

This 3 step was actually good enough for a start. I started seeing SO MUCH of difference within 2 weeks of constantly using it and my scars started fading slowly after a month and the acne also lessened. After 2months of using it, my acne totally disappeared and the new ones stopped forming as well. I was a happy girl eversince. The only set back is, this product dries out the skin so it isn't advisable to use this if you're living in a country that has dry weather and cold seasons especially winter! For Singapore's weather, it's perfect as even though it dries out your skin, you can apply a good moisturizer or even Proactiv's Green Tea (my favourite) moisturizer to keep your skin looking healthy (non greasy & love the smell too) and trust me, the humidity in our country wouldn't let your skin be dry for too long! Before you know it, you probably need an oil blotting sheet already! Haha.
Once again, Sometimes when you switch to a new face wash, your skin might breakout at first. Your skin isn't used to the change. It may take up to a few washes for your skin to calm so don't freak out if it hasn't worked for a week or so.

I would also like to recommend this amazing Blemish control stick because it worked for me on crazy urgent occasions. If you have an important event to attend in 2 days time and you have a bump on ur skin which probably is gonna get worse the next day, using this blemish control stick just once a day before you sleep over the affected area would subside the redness and bump and actually prevent the pimple from getting worse and in most occasions when i've used it, my pimple completely disappeared like it was never there before. Here's how it looks like

 Here's another Proactiv win for me! I've always loved masks, especially this one! I just keep it on for ten minutes at night, and the next morning, my littles blemishes would just disappear! Even my pores looked smaller compared to what they used to :) This may be the best thing Proactiv has ever made! I don't really like how it smells though. This mask smells like Sulphur. Sulfur is not a lovely scent to have on your face. Perhaps it's psychological, but i feel like the scent of this mask lingers forever. The smell seems to stick to anything within a one mile radius of me even after i wash it off. But for the sake of good skin, i was willing to tolerate the smell and just use it whenever i needed it. You don't need to use this regularly. Here's what it looks like

Lastly, this is all the products i use on a regular basis. Yes, i know it's ALOT but i believe in having great skin beneath all that makeup so my boyfriend won't freak out after i wash off my face. Nowadays i'm so lazy to even wear makeup and i just go out with my naked face because of these amazing products that saved my life! Believe me, i'm extremely crazy about having a good skin so why i recommended using just the 3 step for the beginning is to get rid of all the major skin problem issues.. Once you got that, you can start investing on other products from the same line which will enhance your skin, for radiance, glow, flawlessness etc. You gotta get rid of them ZITZ before you can start aiming for a flawless face. Like every other product, do not expect miracles to happen overnight. Even an impatient person like me had to wait 2 months before it showed drastic difference. But what i can be completely honest with is, IT WORKED FOR ME! People who've seen me years back and right now can vouch for it! My skin has no Acne/pimple/blemishes or scars at all till today. Well, sometimes i get one or two out of the blue.. but ya'know, i'know. Now we all know how to get rid of it don't we??? ;) Oh yes, here's all the products i have been using regularly.

I only started using SK II after getting the results i wanted out of Proactiv as there was nothing for my skin to be treated on anymore and i could start focusing on getting a radiant skin and other benefits. Once again, I DO NOT guarantee same results on everyone's skin, but it's worth a try as the starters which is the 3 step kit is quite affordable and i would NEVER recommend anything without trying them first and of course, i would be completely honest if the results sucked. Not for this one though. I love this. You can get Pro Activ solutions in Watsons Singapore. I'm not sure if they sell all the products but I've personally seen the 3 step kit in the stores. Once you've used the starters and if you're keen in getting their other products like moisturizers, masks etc, please visit and you can also read up success stories and get more info on the products before you purchase them. Thanks for taking the time to read guys. Goodluck and hope the miracle that worked for me works for you guys too! And if it does, do not forget to share success stories with me! i'll be glad to hear about it. 


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Makeup GIVE-AWAY !!

Hello beautiful ladies! Since I've bought tonnes of makeup here in Australia, I've decided to do my first ever MAKEUP-GIVEAWAY worth $100 AUD!! Why? Because it's my way of thanking all those who've been supportive of me these 9mths (since the start of my FB page + 700 over VIEWS for my first Video Tutorial) & would be glad to introduce & let one or more of you have the privilege to some amazing cosmetics like 'LimeCrime', 'Australis', 'Manic Panic' & more, which is not available in Singapore. So let's get started

How To Enter :
- If you haven't already, you would need to hit on the 'like' button on my FB page First.
- Comment what's the one thing you MUST have on your makeup kit on this status.
- Get your friends to like my FB page to increase chances of winning (click on link) :

Terms & Conditions :
• This is open to Singaporeans ONLY.
•The giveaway will end on the 20th of May 2013 at 11.59 PM.
• The winner will be selected on random.
• I will be emailing the winner on the 21st of May. If i have not heard from the winner within 24 hours, i will be selecting another winner.
• Upon selection, expect receiving your amazing Makeup products within 48hrs prior to announcement.

P.S : Depending on the response, I might select more than 1 winner.

Disclaimer: Not sponsored or affiliated with any company or group. Self sponsored, self purchased goods.

Xoxo, Mila